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Where can i find a cheap web hosting provider? I was thinking of renting a VPS and hosting it myself?

Common query:

I am fairly technology wise and was thinking of hosting my blog on a VPS or cheap hosting account. I can administrate it myself if it uses Cpanel or something similar

What kind of hosting plan should i get? Do i need alot of processing power/ RAM and should i be looking for solid state drive hosting? I am also looking into getting my own domain if registration/ moving my site isnt too much of a hassle.

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Free or Cheap Hosting Service

A cheap cpanel hosting question:

I am looking to create some websites and blogs, can you tell me what is the best hosting that offer all of these qualities at the same time :

1. Free/cheap pricing structure (under USD 3)

2. Fast servers ( I am from Indonesia but my sites will be international)

3. Big capacities (storage and bandwidth)

4. Ease of use and management (cPanel, Fantastico, etc)

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One good cPanel host with good reviews, MySQL, PHP, unlimited subdomains, emails

confused|cheap cpanel hosting A cheap cpanel hosting question:

“Anyone know a good, cheap, cpanel host? I’m looking to go paid hosting for the first time. I was wondering if anyone knew a good host. Here are a few required things.

cPanel without RVskins or any other custom skins.
PHP 4.4.X
A lot of mySQL databases
Unlimited Subdomains
Under 10 bucks in price per month.
Good Reviews

Some things that would be really really nice:
Unlimited FTP’s, E-Mails, ect.

One thing that isn’t required, but would love to have:
PostgreSQL Databases.”

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The Insider’s Guide in Picking a Web Host for a Flash Site

cheap cpanel hosting
A frequently-asked question:

Where is the best place to host and build a flash website? I checked out every hosting site and their reviews. However, I still can’t decide on which is the best. Everysite site has tons of good and bad things. Basically my main concern is having a great web designer. I could honestly care less about the CPanel, and SQL Server base and all. All, I want is a good site that’s around or less a month, and has a great web builder that supports custom HTML (for embedding objects and all) If it comes with a free domain on registration that’s a plus. Now out of these, which do you think is the best. Ipage, Justhost, sitecube, or bluehost. or anther.

I’m not creating a business site, I’m creating a video and radio stream site, I’m using wix.com but I want to change it to another one and I want eye popping graphics with flash.

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What is the cheapest and affordable yet reliable unlimited cPanel web hosting?

helper|cheap cpanel hosting A popular question:

“I am looking for cheap, reliable, affordable and unlimited web server hosting service with cPanel. What is the top cpanel hosting? Can you recommend me one, please?”

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Quality cPanel Hosting

confused|cheap cpanel hosting A cheap cpanel hosting question:

I know there are other website control panel providers but I need a cheap and reliable web hosting company that offer cPanel as their site control panel. I am used to cPanel and need to move to reliable/cheap host. Don’t really want to spend every month for hosting anymore. Please only provide reliable companies that offer around 20+ gb of space and 100 gb + monthly bandwidth.

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How to Back Up My Forum Website

FAQ|cheap cpanel hostingA frequently-asked question:

I have a phpbb forum website, which I host with HostGator. I am moving to HyphyHost. I’ve moved regular html websites before through ftp, thats pretty simple, just download the files to my computer, then reupload them. But for this site, I have members and a mysql database. I read that you have to backup your database, but I dont know how to do it. I logged in to cpanel, and found where it says “Backup Wizard – Create a Full backup”, but I dont know what to do after that, or where the backup goes, and I dont know what to do with the backup once its created. How do I upload it or set it up on the new host (the new host has cpanel too)?

Its asking me for the following info, and I dont know if I have to fill it all in or what:
Backup Destination: (Choices: Home Directory, Remote FTP Server, Secure Copy)
Email Address:
Remote Server (FTP/SCP only):
Remote User (FTP/SCP only):
Remote Password (FTP/SCP only):
Port (FTP/SCP only):
Remote Dir (FTP/SCP only)
I have phpadmin, how do I use it to back up things?

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What You Need to Know in Adding Domain Name to Your Hosting Account

FAQ|Cheap Cpanel HostingA frequently-asked question:

I have a website and my own cpanel. Now the problem is my friend wants me to host her but I don’t really know how it works. She bought a domain name from godaddy.com. I tried the add on domain feature but it showed up this error.

Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver.

Anyone know how to solve this problem?

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