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Best place(s) to buy a domain and get hosting?

A frequently-asked question:

So, currently i have this website: http://beyond-the-beach.twiksi.com but i am looking to buy a domain. Here is what i am looking for in the hosting:

~cheap as possible
~fantastico if possible
~a few subdomains allowed

As for the domian, I just want it as cheap as possible, what sites do you know of that sell cheap domain names?
And that’s about it. I don’t need too much space right now, but I do want cpanel.

Can you guys suggest anything that would fit those requirements? What companies have you used that were good?


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What is a very good (and preferably cheap) web-hosting with cPanel and Fantastico?

confused|cheap cpanel hosting A cheap cpanel hosting question:

Preferbly with…:
*Many MySQL databases – at least 7, preferably unlimited
*May host several domains
*Many — preferably unlimited — number of subdomains
*Manage own mail, preferably with an unlimited numbers of accounts

PS: I know there are hosting with other solutions that equals or surpasses cPanel/Fantastico… but this time, I’m *only* looking for hosting with cPanel/Fantastico.

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